• Carnival of Art & Magic

    The Carnival Will Rematerialize


    "The best way to describe Beyond Brookledge is that it's as if somebody fit the L.A. Opera and Burning Man into the Magic Castle, and then had a three-day slumber party." - LA Weekly


    "This is your chance to be immersed in performances, and community, with the most amazing magicians, comedians, and performance artists you'll ever find hanging around a 5 star hotel... Join this party!" - Boing Boing

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    The Beyond Brookledge ticket price includes two nights at the Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, California. World-class luxury and out-of-this-world mysteries await.

    You'll never be alone (unless you want to be)! Amazing performers will be your constant companions for a 'round-the-clock feast of the senses.

    Experience theatre without boundaries in astonishing architectural spaces and secret performance venues.


    The ticket price includes two nights hotel accommodations, scheduled meals and snacks, and a weekend's-worth of shows and social gatherings. And surprise guests and gifts!


    Think of it as a V.I.P. version of dinner and a show and a party and live music and cupcakes and comedy and champagne punch and a two-night sleep-over and magic and mysterious underground tunnels and more shows and more food and more drinks and still more shows and Sunday brunch and gifts and new friends and once-in-a-lifetime memories... and so much more!


    The Carnival Will Rematerialize


    If you have questions, Ringmaster Bob Self has answers.










  • CREW

    Technical Director: George Wyhinny

    Producers: Erika Larsen & Bob Self



    Performers and Crew are subject to change without notice.


    What fun is a party without gifts and surprises?


    Thank you to Pressure Printing and Prints On Wood for their generous contributions.


    For Sponsorship Opportunities contact Bob Self via the Contact Us section above.


    Beyond Brookledge is part of the Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art.